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24 Marzo – ore 10:00

Beyond the projects – I episode

No plan resists contact with the enemy”, Stated Helmuth von Moltke, general and chief of staff of the Prussian army. This is not to say that the plans are useless, but that there is a need for one of them total and integrated management in all their aspects to cope with the daily “enemy” consisting of the continuous changes induced both from within (resignations, hiring, scarcity of resources …) and from outside (customers, suppliers, laws and regulations, international events , and much more).

In this short 30 minute webinar, we will show what the difference, and the flexibility it offers, is between having the integrated Mysp tool for Strategy Execution and not having it.

What will we see in this webinar?

A business plan can be successful on paper, but without execution it remains just an idea.

Strategy execution creates a continuous cycle of improvement, helps to identify all those missing elements, in order to align activities with objectives. Mysp allows to face change management in a global and integrated way, guiding it towards the achievement of the objectives defined by the Strategy.

How a global and integrated management of strategy execution can break down the barriers to success
Luciano Martinoli – MySP Business Partner

What are the limits and difficulties of a strategy execution without the right support tool
Stefano Brambilla – Application Consultant

Understanding how My Single Point gives a real advantage in aligning strategic planning and change execution processes
Giuseppe Palumbo – Business Analyst

Overview of modules and architecture of My Single Point
Stefano Brambilla – Application Consultant


BU Mysp partner, with strategic advisory and Strategy Execution experience in large companies

Luciano MartinoliPartner BU Mysp

Application Consultant and Developer, with experience in the design, development and management of business applications

Stefano BrambillaApplication Consultant & Developer

Business Analyst, with experience in improving processes and transforming Business needs into strategic advantages

Giuseppe PalumboBusiness Analyst
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