Make Strategy Execution

a competitive advantage

The Strategy Execution and Operation Transformation is that set of projects that extend over time, concern the entire company perimeter and that make it possible to achieve the planned Strategy.

The company is a complex system of activities that are continuously carried out to enable it to survive and prosper.


As it grows, the company needs more and more defined operations. These will allow it to be more focused and efficient and have that structure to maintain the internal unity that the growing size could put at risk.

Avert the paradox

Companies increasingly immersed in a dynamic and unpredictable environment, they organize themselves in a rigid system that leads the company to not be effective and efficient on the market.
In order to avoid the effects of this paradox, one needs therefore to change the operations. But what is this activity that changes operations and defines what we will do tomorrow?
After creating a plan, Strategy Execution and Operation Transformation comes into play, that is a program made up of initiatives and sub-projects that lead the company to change.

Is Strategy Execution in conflict with operations?

Here we find rigidity, procedures and processes on the one hand, and change and flexibility on the other .

The same resources that run one thing, are asked to be involved in the other.. In this case we could compare the situation to an open-heart operation: it is necessary to act on a certain organ, but the rest must continue to work to live.

Not only Strategy Execution

We usually hear about Strategy Execution and Operation Transformation as a decision made by the company’s top management and whose execution must be managed.
In fact, there are other situations in which the company needs to expose itself to change, as it is the environment that surrounds it that requires it.
An example could be the decision of a regulator, or events that can lead to having to manage major changes in a short time within a company, such as that of the pandemic in progress.

Why equip yourself with a tool?

Today there is a rich offer of project management tools which very often, however, do not offer the necessary support.

My Single Point was born as a real Strategy Execution and Operation Transformation tool , in which it is possible to digitize strategies by defining objectives, initiatives and KPIs, connecting them to strategic execution projects and keeping dedicated resources under control.

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