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Strategy Execution

Why use My Single Point? Because it has been created specifically to offer organizations everything they need to concretize initiatives in strategic projects, and thus making them controllable and guiding them towards an execution without slowdowns, highlighting problems in time, and achieving objectives.

Achieve your goals effortlessly, observing and guiding your activities from every perspective

Without defined objectives, we risk not reaching a conclusion. My Single Point helps organizations define goals and never lose sight of them, approaches challenges with a Bottom Up vision and breaking down strategic goals into sub-goals, and in turn into transversal deliverables. In this way you get a constant monitoring of the entire execution through fully customizable Kpis.


Allows you to create a temporary organization, so that the activities for strategy execution are executed

No Silos

You will have silo-free information for those called to the Execution and the decision-making process will be more efficient


You will have at your disposal for the top detailed information flow and a cost/benefit control exclusively for the Execution

Make your strategy tangible and viable

Achieve your strategic goals

With My Single Point you are able to see at a glance at what point are the strategic projects, define the next steps, and understand how and where to intervene.

Manage the team workload

My Single Point also provides the company with a user profiling engine able to manage a “Meta-organization”. It manages in fact every user considering the role that it will have to cover in this temporary organization finalized to the single execution of the new business strategy, loosing therefore from the operations, and thus allowing the broad flexibility necessary for the implementation of the strategy.

Keep an eye on the status of initiatives in real time

To allow a real time data collection it is important that users can keep the data of their competence up to date in a simple way.
That’s why My Single Point has a complete module of Project Portfolio Management, in which to realize the structure of strategic objectives previously defined, starting from the definition of the projects linked to each strategic initiative, reaching up to the management of personal “time sheet reports”, and thus allowing a collection of data as complete as possible, immediately available to the analysis of the summit.

Get an overview

Thanks to an automatic and constant monitoring, it is possible to obtain indicators and reports that can highlight any problems of execution, thus allowing the top to obtain in real time valuable information, which could lead to a possible rescheduling or change of course.
It also includes an integration engine that allows it to interface with any operational tools already present in the company (PPM, ERP, BI…), so as to obtain a higher level of aggregation of data, to be able to monitor the whole situation from a single point.

Make your strategies concrete with My Single Point

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