You have formulated a strategic plan
to transform processes,
now must be executed.


Discover a new way to

execute your strategic plans achieve your goals complete your projects to achieve the transformation of processes

Keep an eye on the situation in one place, so you don’t get lost in a sea of details

Speed up the execution allowing everyone to take decisions immediately and well that compete

Support the execution team, because the goals are achieved with the collaboration of the Silos


Bridge the gap
between Strategy
and Execution
to achieve operation

The implementation of the strategy means implementing the strategic plan so that the objectives set can be achieved. As long as the company is small, everything is simple.

Unfortunately 90% of large organisations fail to achieve their strategic objectives, as they fail to bridge the gap between planning and strategic implementation. Read below the main reasons.

Today there is a considerable offer of tools to support Strategy Execution. Unfortunately, they are all disconnected from each other and fulfil specific functions: project management, communication, document creation, their sharing and more. Strategy Execution, in large organizations, goes far beyond simply managing individual projects. It is a process of global transformation that in addition to having its complexity in size is made more difficult by its distinctive feature compared to other business routine activities: must be performed “on top” to them.

The devil is in the details… and in a Strategy Execution and Operation Transformation of a large organization there are thousands of them!

Knowing them, highlighting them and treating them carefully are the keys to the success of any Strategy Execution and Operation Transformation

Why have a strategy execution tool?

Here’s the adjournment meeting. After touring the office like a spinning top to collect data from initiative owners, participants work on their presentations to show progress. But the meeting gets rescheduled, and they end up with outdated data and back to square one.
In addition, the people involved must pay attention to their daily operations, and tend to forget their roles in this strange activity called “Strategy Execution” that takes away time and attention to their daily work.

You have to succeed in changing this paradigm, and a good dedicated software gives you the opportunity to do so.

Turn strategy into a viable and monitored plan

How? MySinglePoint is the first product designed to give complete support to this particular type of activity so critical for companies: the execution of the Strategy Execution and Operation Transformation in all its projects.

My Single Pointprovides those who take care of the Execution that infrastructure able to implement the initiatives connected to it, concretizing them in strategic projects, and making them therefore controllable and guiding them towards an execution without slowdowns, highlighting in time any problems and giving the opportunity to solve them.

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